IllumIKnation Station

IllumIKnation Station is a volunteer run organization traveling to festivals across the country hosting workshops promoting education, exploration of consciousness, and community

The Cauldron

The Cauldron is workshop space during the day, music stage at night, and an herbal brew station throughout the weekend

Healing Village

The healing village will be headquarters for our med tent, free massage and reki healings all weekend, and the Doorway To Self workshop space. 

Flow Zone

Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, and Flow Prop Workshops will all be hosted here the entirety of the weekend

Doorway To Self

Rachel Gerson is a metaphysical practictioner and Founder of Doorway To Self. She has designed workshops that will take you on a journey of descovering and unraveling who you are. She will have a workshop space at the Healing Village.

Kids Village

Children will have a village just for them which includes a full staff, workshops, and fun activities all weekend!

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Full Schedule (pdf)