During the daytime there will be an array of educational opportunities through hands-on learning, lectures, poetry and workshops. The intention is for attendees to walk away with newfound knowledge and skills to implement into their lives and share with their communities. 

Environmental Initiative

Sustainability is an essential pillar to the Sweetgrass and Sage Burn community. Impacting tomorrow begins with how we manage our environmental footprint today. Utilizing the renowned "Leave No Trace" policy we encourage all festival goers to leave the land better than they found it. 


Sweetgrass and Sage Burn is proud to offer a family friendly atmosphere. Visit the Children's Village for an itinerary of fun and educational workshops and activities geared towards aiding the next generation in becoming the brightest movers and shakers of tomorrow. A quiet camping area will be available for families. 

Healing Spaces

Sweetgrass and Sage Burn Festival is a place with a reverence for self expression. Push out past your limits and invite yourself to be seen and heard, to connect, and to heal. Attendees are encouraged to dive deep and experience release and resolution. 

Gift of Community

The gift of community begins by sharing our presence, knowledge, and skills with one another. Sweetgrass and Sage Burn provides a platform for strong community bonds to form and unlikely connections that can be life altering. The relationships formed throughout the weekend shall extend beyond the festival and integrate into a growing community. 


This festival is financially accessible to all. The Pay-What -You-Can option allows ticket holders to name their price above or below the suggested donation amounts for a ticket that falls comfortably within their budget.


Music is a powerful experience. It speaks to the common ground we all share and the common future we are creating together. Featuring artists of a wide variety of musical genres - SGSB has a tasty tune for every pallet. 


Movement is an ecstatic way to tap into yourself. By stretching, dancing, and playing we free ourselves from social taboos and see what kind of healing pours out of our hearts when we allow our bodies to be liberated.

Fire and Flow

Fire is an crucial element of transformation. Fire and LED performers of various styles will be showcased each night. 

Activism as Lifestyle

We consider activism as actively changing one's lifestyle choices to reflect one's values for social change. To us, this means taking it past rallies and statements and into our daily life through our food, buying habits, and the presence we choose to be. We are honored to host Author and  Derrick Broze as Our keynote speaker this year.